January 5, 2018


"Over the years we have bought several Cars and Trucks from Mark. Just want to say thanks on this recent purchase of the Dodge Dakota.IT has lots of miles But runs like a top actually drives smoother than my new one did! I bought this as a hunting run around truck but would not hesitate to drive anywhere with it. Thanks Mark"
January 3, 2018

Awesome People

"Family run, reasonably priced, Awesome people working there!"
May 23, 2017

Josh Was Great!

"I bought a Hyundai Sante Fe here a couple of months ago. Josh was great to work with. I had an issue with the car starting very hard after only a week, but I didn't get it back to the dealership for a month or so. Mark (owner) had his mechanic look at it and split the cost of the repair with me. No issues since. While I would have preferred to have no issues in the first place I understand that is a gamble you take when purchasing a used vehicle. I appreciate them sharing the cost of the repair since they had no contractural obligation to do so. Many small dealerships would have sent me packing."
April 27, 2017

Highly recommend Mark and his company

"I purchased a 2004 Jeep from Mark, sight unseen. I flew to Montana to drive it home (Arizona), with Mark's assurance that there would be no problems in doing so. Mark picked me up from the airport, and drove me to the dealership where I was VERY pleased when I looked over my Jeep. Not only did it look as nice as he had indicated, much to my surprise, Mark had fully serviced the Jeep, and replaced the valve cover gasket due to a small leak. None of this had been pre-negotiated, or built into the price - just a nice extra touch to make sure my long drive home was uneventful. I can highly recommend Mark and his company, and I actually hope I can purchase another vehicle from him one day, long drive home and all."
April 10, 2017

Highly recommend

"Highly recommend, if you are going to buy or rent a car, buy it here. Owner is down to earth and reasonable. This place isn't a dealership that you get harassed by a salesman until you buy the car just to get away, it's where you want to take your hard earned investment and drive away knowing you've made the right decision."